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Author Title Conference/Publication Date/Link Download
Chris Cook Introducing the Petro - an Energy Clearing Union Presentation in Tehran January 2009 Slides
Chris Cook Equity Shares - a Solution to the Credit Crash Feasta Conference - Dublin December 2008 5th Nov 2008 AudioSlides
Chris Cook Introducing the PetroTrust - Energy Unitisation Presentation in Tehran October 2008 Slides
Chris Cook Peak Credit - Bear-Faced Robbery - the US approach   August 2008 PDF
Chris Cook Peak Credit Presented at Bar Camp Bank 5th July 2008 PPT
Chris Cook Small is Beautiful Workshop at the Schumacher Society Conference, USA, 140 Jug End Rd, Great Barrington, MA, 01230
m: (917) 664-6838
p: (413) 528-1737
f: (413) 528-4472
6th June 2006 PPT
Chris Cook Knowledge-based Value and Intellectual Property University of Lancaster 5th April 2006 PDF
Chris Cook Beyond "Predict and "Provide" Power-point Presentation at Meeting in East London 9th Nov 2005 PPT
Chris Cook Asset-Based Finance for Transport Projects Power-point Presentation at Meeting in Liverpool 2nd Nov 2005 PPT
Chris Cook Co-operative Capitalism:
A Very British Revolution
Paper published in "Co-operative Intelligence: July 2004 July 2004 PDF
Chris Cook Asset-Based Finance: "Open" Financial Capital Submission to the House of Commongs Sub-Committee on Restoring Confidence in Long-Term Savings January 2004 HTML
Chris Cook If not Global Capitalism, then What? Paper presented to the Centre for the Study of Global Ethics- University of Birmingham Oct 2003
Chris Cook Japan 3.0 - The Sun Also Rises website Dec 2002 Word