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Author Title Publication Date Link
Chris Cook Gulf Takes Wrong Currency Path Asia Times - Middle East 6th Jan 2009 Link
Judith D Schwartz Alternative Currencies grow in Popularity Time Magazine: Business & Technology Sun 14th Dec 2008 Link
Chris Cook A New Dawn for Iran Asia Times - Middle East 9th Oct 2008 Link
Chris Cook A Co-operative Dialogue European Tribune Sat 12th Jul 2008 Link
Chris Cook The Aftermath of Peak Credit - the UK approach 'Helsinki Times' July 2008 PDF
Chris Cook Peak credit and a flight to simplicity Asia Times - Middle East 3rd April 2008 Link
Chris Cook From Iran Oil Bourse Myth to Gulf Clearing Union Reality? Gult Research Centre: Insight: Issue No 5 January 2008 PDF download
Chris Cook The Iran Oil Bourse - a New Direction Islamic Finance News December 2006 PDF Download
Chris Cook SPEAKING FREELY: Rhetoric and reality on Iran Asia Times - Middle East 28th November 2006 Link
Bev Meldrum How to set up a Limited Liability Partnership for Social Enterprises and Voluntary Groups New Start magazine 10th November 2006 Word Download
Julian Jackson & Chris Vernon Interview with Chris Cook, originator of the Iranian oil bourse Published on 13 Aug 2006 by The Oil Drum / UK and archived in ENERGY BULLETIN. Archived on 13 Aug 2006 Original Link
Chris Cook Community Energy Partnership SSEC Newsletter 22 June 2006 HTML
Sweet deals: Behind the Iran 'crisis'
Asia Times - Middle East 11th April 2006 Link
Chris Cook Perception and Reality - what the Iran Nuclear Issue is really about Asia Times - Middle East 21st Jan 2006 HTML
Chris Cook 21st Century Islamic Finance Islamic Finance 19th Jan 2006 PDF
Antonia Swinson New Capitalism The Liberal Published? PDF
Chris Cook Asset-Based Finance Talking Economics Newsletter Nov 2005 PDF
Chris Cook Asset-Based Finance - a Capital Idea Open Capital website Sept 2005 HTML
Chris Cook Can any transaction be structured Islamically assuming the appropriate Shariah advisory board is in place? If so what does this mean for Islamic Finance going forward? Islamic Finance Forum 12th Sept 2005PDF PDF
Chris Cook About "Consolidation" within the Islamic Banking Industry Islamic Finance Forum 29th August 2005 PDF
Chris Cook Co-ownership and Asset-based Finance Islamic Finance News 13th June 2005 PDF
Chris Cook Price dollars in oil, not oil in dollars Asia Times Online 27 May 2005 PDF
Chris Cook The Clearing Challenge Energy Risk June 2005 PDF
Stella Farrington A Star Rises in the East - an Iranian Energy Exchange Energy Risk April 2005 PDF
Chris Cook The ETS law is an Ass Energy Risk - Emissions Trading Special Report Jan 2005 PDF


The Partnership is Dead! Long Live the Limited Liability Partnership British Journal of General Practice Dec 2004 PDF
Antonia Swinson Following the Trail of a New Animal
Regeneration & Renewal Magazine 20 Feb 2004 PDF
Chris Cook Japan 3.0 - The Sun Also Rises website Dec 2002 Word
Chris Cook The Broadcast Web Originally published in "New Economy" Magazine Oct 2001 HTML